Respected buyers,as seedlings manufacturers,we can provide a safe,certified virus free planting material with

a valid health certificate and needed documents.


Every year we offer seedlings for the following fruit:



·   Apple


·   Pear

·   Plum


·   Cherry


·   Apricot


·   Peach


·   Quince


·   Medlar


·   Blueberry


·   Cranberriy


·   Chokeberry


·   Currant


·   Blackberry


·   Raspberry


·   Hazelnut


·   Walnut


·   Almond


·   Grapevine

·   Columnar and mini seedlings

    (apple, peach, peach...)


Part o our activities includes producing evergreen plants of all seedling sizes.


·       Thuja emerald


·       Thuja elwoody


·       Thuja kolumnar


·       Juniper


·       Fir tree



As part of our company we also have our own production of plant material for large variety of roses.

Seedlings material is packed according to the buyers wishes, depending on whether its for wholesale, retail or

special-purpose planting. We have over 70 varieties of roses of all types.






The quality of seedlings is our first priority and we strive to provide you with the best.

If youre planning to plant on larger surfaces,please feel free to contact throughout the year

or a few months before the season,so we can provide apropriate planting material on time,

because theres high demand in the summer and autumn,and often you wont be able to find what

you are looking for.


Production in advance



It is advisable to contact us a year or two in advance before planting in order to produce exactly

the varieties of fruit trees made for the surfaces youre planning to plant on.