Dear customers , as well as manufacturers of paulownia , we can provide a safe certified planting material with valid medical certificate and all required documentation.


What is paulownia?


Its a Deciduous tree originating from China, which is characterized by extremely rapid growth , the quality of timber , huge leaves and beautiful flowers , as well as a 100 % subsidiary usefulness . Leaves grow up  to 70 cm in diameter, a tree up to 20 m in height and flower cluster-like , pink to lilac in color with a wonderful aroma.



-Like firewood it can be cut every four years. It has the same calorific value as brown coal, but with significantly lower emissions. Since a cubic meter of Paulownia leaves only ½ kg of ash. So it can also be used for the production of pellets and briquettes.

- As an industrial timber it's very rewarding for many reasons: It can be cut after 7-8 years and provides up to 1m3 of timber per tree. Is soft, easy to use, easy to dry naturally, and  does not receive moisture. There lightness linden, beech and firmness. It is used in making furniture, musical instruments, surfboards, aircraft parts and ships, toys, paneling and ship flooring, to build a sauna, and many other purposes.


-Like horticultural species for planting in gardens, parks (for shade giving its huge leaves and because of the attractive fragrant flowers), but also serves as protection from the wind.


-The leaves are huge, they are used in biomass for the production of pellets, but also for livestock, because it has a higher percentage of nitrogen by clover.


-Its also used as a culture for honey, flower profusely, twenty days before the acacia, the flowers are full of nectar and honey derived from them is of exceptional quality.




The most important thing to say is that this plant requires   regular irrigation during the first two years of development,. It can grow up to 3.5 m in the first year.


-If you want an industrial material , planted at a distance 4 X 5 m, and it can already e cut  after 7-8 years when the tree reaches a height of about 18-20 m and  trunk diameter of 40 cm


-For Firewood, planted at a distance 2 x 3 m , it can already be cut after  4 years.


-If the Paulownia is  used for biomass (pellets or briquettes) , they are planted at 1 x 1 m and timber harvest is after just  2 years.